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Our Aircraft Charters are Tailored Solutions for Your Cargo Transport Needs

When it comes to air freight companies, Skyforce Aviation does not believe in the box. With our tailored air freight services and solutions, faster transit and expert handling, We are the best choice.

Got an urgent need for heavy goods to be transported to any of the countries in the Asia-Pacific region? Your search for the best aircraft charters ends here. Whether you're wanting to move large amounts of a single commodity or equipment to special events or mining operations, you can count on Skyforce Australia. The heavy lift capability of our Convair 580 aircraft and its ability to carry oversized items make our cargo service uniquely capable.

Aircraft Charters with a Global Reach and Extensive Capabilities

We provide airfreight transportation throughout the Australian and Asia-Pacific Regions and farther afield if required. Our Air Operators Certificate permits operation to almost any point on the globe. We are one of the global leaders in cargo transportation, employing utmost care in making sure your cargo arrives safely and on schedule. We can handle with caution virtually any dimension that you need to send.

A key feature of Skyforce Australia Air Cargo is our ability to carry overweight and oversized items to many remote destinations throughout Australia, the South Pacific and almost anywhere in the world. The Skyforce fleet of 2 Convair 580 cargo aircrafts have a payload of up to 6500kg (6.5 tonnes) and with their self-sufficient APU, they have the flexibility to go places aircraft of their size usually cannot go. We can carry cargo in excess of 12 Metres long. Our partner airlines can carry larger pieces than this and we can manage all stages of your Air Cargo Logistics.

A Leader among Air Freight Companies in Australia

Within Australia, there are over 150 destinations we are capable of servicing! We also have extensive operational experience throughout Papua New Guinea, South East Asia and the South Pacific region. In Papua New Guinea (PNG) we are one of the few Air Freight Companies that can service Port Moresby, Moro, Lae, Komo, Mount Hagen and more!

Don’t waste your time with other companies who can’t give you what you require. Deal directly with the aircraft operator that can offer you seamless, superior services: Skyforce Aviation. Because no matter what your cargo is, we aim to deliver the goods when and where you need them the most.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our capabilities, including FIFO and charter plane services.

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